indie gold

People define indie in a lot of different ways. Some argue titles produced outside of the big two, are indie. Others would classify it as a publication free of corporate oversight. Still others might say, it’s simply creator owned publications.


How does the Dead Villain Society define indie?


Indie is a small group of people, taking on the world.

Here are some folks doing it in spades.



Felipe Cagne’s The Few and Cursed.


Omar Morales’s Moon Girl.


Christian Nommay’s Titan Effect.


Unlikely Heroes Studio’s The Surgeon. 


Mike Shea’s Miskatonic High. 


Terrance Grace’s Crossroads: An H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror board book


Monika Laprus-Wierzejska’s Exist


Shaun Paulet’s Extreme Champion Tournament: Breakout


Curtis Clow’s Beastlands


Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin’s  Unikorn.


Felipe Cagne’s The Lost Kids.


Andrew Guilde’s Man of Sin.


Joe Khachadourian’s Identity Stunt.



Don Walker’s Agent Wild: Union Fall.


Rob Arnold’s Replicator.


More to come… So what are you waiting for?

Get on the list, Dummy.